The staff at Koko Crater Stables is composed of enthusiastic people who love horses and the equestrian sport.  Whether your riding goals are riding for relaxing or building in-depth training, Koko Crater Stables has the expertise to guide you and help you achieve your goals.

About the Owner

Since 1990, Koko Crater Stables has been owned and managed by Emogene Yoshimura, a passionate champion of horsemanship and humane horse training.
Born and raised on Oahu, Yoshimura began riding at the age of 15 with lessons in Kapiolani Park.  Six months later she purchased her first horse, using $500 of her Christmas savings, and boarded it at Koko Crater Stables, which had just opened.
She received a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from University of Hawai‘i; and obtained her veterinary degree from Washington State in1988.  After practicing in Kailua, she bought the Koko Crater Stables business in 1990, starting one employee and three horses.  She has been there ever since, serving as the stable’s veterinarian, manager and prime energy source.
One of her goals is to provide riding experiences for those who can’t afford it or who will benefit from the healing effects of being around a large, gentle animal.  The Stables works with Special Olympics and offers riding experiences for those with emotional disorders.  “That’s one of the joys of having a place like this,” she says.